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​ACE DOG TRAINING Came highly recommended to me by my vet Dr. Oyer at Coral Vet Clinic. Larry was described as the real deal, with dogs, that had challenging behaviors. Especially an older rescue like mine, chasing my toddler around snapping at her for her food, I especially like I did not have to carry treats around and bribe him, I had tried to train him with two other trainers, I was shown nothing but gimmicks it was frustrating. After working with Larry, I feel confident with my daughter and my rescue buddy, when she is eating and playing.

Thankyou Kathleen Everett Ft.Myers.

​My dogs Beau and Bridgette fought terribly I hired Larry and Ace to help me socialize them and not kill each other, within 2 weeks they were playing chewing bones together I cannot say a enough about Larrys methods recommend highly

John Tucker Ft. Myers.

When I rescued my 5yr. schauzer she was a mess, skittish, barked constantly, I hired Ace and Larry to work with us, I was amazed how quickly she responded to the training, she gets better every day, 
 Who needs the Dog Whisperer, when you have Ace Dog Training, Thankyou Kathy Young 


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